No es lo mismo english que inglich

Como traductora profesional puedo decir que traducir al inglés no es cualquier cosa, a cada momento se tienen que sobrepasar barreras de idioma y evitar los vicios propios de la lengua materna, lo peor es que si no tienes el suficiente conocimiento, se va a notar.

Esto es muy notorio en los folletos explicativos de la campaña Ciudad de México llena de vida.
¿Qué haces en la Ciudad de México? ¿Qué te gustaría hacer? Si estás aquí, comparte tus experiencias. Si planeas venir, ¡la ciudad está lista para recibirte! What are you doing in Mexico City? What would you like to do? If you’re here, share your experience. If you’re planning to come, the city is ready to welcome you!
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Mexico City Full of Life campaign launched

May 19th. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard presented today the Mexico City Full of Life campaign, which will be brodcasted through radio, TV and other media, with the purpose of reactivating the city’s activities after the emergency due to the influenza virus.

Joined by members of his staff and his wife, Mariagna Prats, Ebrard Casaubon said tha Mexico City has overcome the sanitary emergency and stands tall, reigniting its activities and recovering its place in the world.

After saying that people must be proudd of what the city and its future represent, he said that the Mexico City Government keeps its unity towards the same direction, “each with his own point of view, each with his activities, each with his concerns and joys, but the city, when united, is unvincible”.

Mr. Ebrard highlighted that during the sanitary emergency almost 13.5 million people practically stopped all their activities and followed the instructions, which is “something almost unique in the world”.

After commending the citizens of the city and the rest of the country for their behavior during the contingency, he mentioned that on June 7 a great number of mayors from different cities from Spain and Latin America will visit the city as an act of support to the people of Mexico City.

Marcelo Ebrard said that it’s necessary to realize that the sanitary emergency is over and that all activities must be restarted and moods uplifted with strength and conviction, because all over the world what’s being said is “that is Mexico City, that’s the Great Tenochtitlán, that’s the Mexican greatness”.

Mexico City’s Tourism Secretary, Alejandro Rojas Díaz-Durán, emphasized the fact that Mexico City is back after having given a lesson of courage and determination and, he said, “evidently we are very proud of living here”.

He trusted that through the promotional campaign and relaunch the city will be repositioned nationally and throughout the world, as a new phase in the life of the city opens, which calls for energy and vitality to take it further.

During the campaign presentation, the Mexico City Government introduced a series of promotional ads, the aim of which is inviting the Mexican people to visit the country’s capital and its tourism, cultural and fun attractions.

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Hluot Firthunands ha dicho que…
Huy, creo que por ahorrarse el sueldo de un buen traductor quedaron en ridiculo.
Lo mismo pasa con los periodicos, por querer ahorrarse el sueldo del departamento de redaccion publican cada horror de ortografía...
Kishiria ha dicho que…
Tienes toda la razón, hay niveles en los que tienes que pagar los servicios de un especialista, te guste o no, sea, un traductor o un corrector de estilo
el mike ha dicho que…
y pa q pagar si google te lo traduce
Kishiria ha dicho que…
hahaha lo malo es que luego sale eso

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